At Om Made we care for your physical and emotional wellbeing, while at the same time caring for the environment.

Through Natural Cosmetics, our 100% natural cosmetics brand, we create awareness when buying and using cosmetic products.
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Our mantra

Our main goal is to take care of ourselves, both physically and emotionally, and of mother earth. We strongly believe in the need to reconnect with nature and other beings, both human and animal, in an increasingly digitalised world.

We support the business paradigm shift of valuing experiences more than property itself, as well as consuming local and artisanal products, which carry with them a unique energy.

We are going through difficult times on many levels - pandemics, climate change, etc. - so it is more important than ever to feel involved in a community that has a common purpose: care.

Products that take care of your skin

With products made from 100% natural ingredients, not tested on animals and packaged 90% plastic-free, Om Made Natural Cosmetics offers the care your skin needs.
  • Medio ambiente y sostenibilidad

    Environment and sustainability

    We are fully involved in the fight against climate change. We want to raise awareness of the need to reconnect with nature, respecting it and all the beings that inhabit it.
  • 100% natural cosmetics

    We value the experience more than the property itself, as well as consuming local and artisanal products, with greater sentimental value and unique in the market. For this reason, we go far beyond the exclusive sale of products.
  • Om Made Care

    Yoga and wellbeing

    At the core of our brand is the spirituality and philosophy of life that yoga teaches us. We are aware of our bodies and minds, but also of nature and our environment.
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