The people behind Om Made

From strangers - via roommates - to friends, Mafe and Noe are the co-founders of Om Made Care and Om Made Natural Cosmetics.



Of Venezuelan origin and with higher studies in architecture at universities in Venezuela and Barcelona, Mafe has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years in different studios in Barcelona. In 2018, she founded her own yoga school, Soma Yoga Barcelona. In addition, in 2015 she took a course in natural cosmetics, where she learned the basics that led her to create the first products of the future Om Made Natural Cosmetics.



Noe (or Noelia for those less close 😜) is a communications and marketing consultant with more than 6 years of experience. Born and raised in Barcelona, Noe joins Om Made in 2022 to help relaunch the brand with a more robust commercial strategy and a professionalised business model. She currently combines her work as Account Director at global consultancy TEAM LEWIS in Barcelona with the management of Om Made.
  • 'Home' Made


    Mafe runs courses on natural cosmetics and tests different ingredients.
  • First formulas


    Mafe creates the first formulas that will be the basis of today's products.
  • The brand is born


    The 'Om Made' brand is officially born and the first official Om Made products are born, with many improvements in sustainability still to come.
  • Product testing


    Mafe's incessant curiosity in product development leads her to create many types of solutions, not only natural cosmetics.
  • Sales at flea markets


    Mafe starts selling at flea markets and to friends and family, soon running out of stock and starting to see the value of the brand.
  • Re-launching the brand


    After multiple sales successes and a brief hiatus during the pandemic, Mafe decides to relaunch the brand together with Noe.
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The values of Om Made

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